What is Discord Bot? How It can Boost Your E-Business!

What is Discord Bot? How Discord Bots can Boost Your E-Business!

Digital marketing businesses require a variety of digital social media platforms like  Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many more. But there is one platform which requires more attention and that is Discord.

Discord is provides a platform where users can engage by speaking, texting or video conferencing. Most popular users of this platform are gamers who used it to chat while playing together online. But with its advancement, Discord evolved and upgraded to an excellent tool for marketing rather than just gaming.

Needless to say, handling an enormous Discord server could be a bit of toil on your own, which is why Discord bots are made to help you. We need to know what is Discord bot and which are best ones for your use? We are here to answer both questions in the next section, so keep reading on to learn more. Then get even more marketing tips by subscribing to Revenue Weekly from Esols, the agency with over 20 years of digital marketing experience!

What is Discord Bot?

These are Artificial Intelligent bots that run on Discord servers. Discord bots can execute a range of tasks related to server management which you otherwise might have to do manually.

Here is an example, let’s suppose you need to enhance your server’s user experience by welcoming every new visitor. That resonances easily with you on a small scale, but if bulk numbers of users is attracted towards your server, the same easy task can rapidly change into a nightmare for you.

Having a suitable Discord bot, can send a programmed, customized greetings to each and every joining user. You do not have to welcome every user and yet every user will be notified and appreciated the minute the join you platform. Of course, this greeting feature is one minute feature these bots can easily provide. There are varieties of tasks these Bots are useful at and we’ll soon see.

Adding bots on discord

To add these bots on Discord is really simple. There are a few selections for you if these bots are new to you. You can conduct a search on google search Google, or check out a list of bots like this one given below.

Once you’ve selected Discord bot of your choosing, you just have to click “Add” or “Invite” to complement it to your server. You can add bots to servers only with administrator’s access.

The bot will appear on the server member list of your choice. If you want to delete a bot to add a new one, all you have to do is to kick or ban the bot the way you would a difficult user.

5 Useful discord bots for your server

Selecting bots among many to use could be difficult that is why we have taken time to make recommendations to assistance you to get started. Different bots are used for variety of tasks, and each bot on our list has a discrete but exactly useful job.

You can use any among the five of the best Discord bots at your company server.

1. MEE6

Mee6 is by far the most competent Discord bot you will come across. It has a wide variety of features ranging from playing music to merging with YouTube. But the principal function of MEE6 which makes it worthwhile is moderation.

When you have bulk of users on a server suddenly, a few of users will be a bit unnerving. They can take liberty to use foul language or they could be spamming the chat. There could be various circumstances the users will be disregarding your server regulations


This is the time when a reliable moderator can be of use. Rather than attending to every troublesome chat message manually and blocking the user you can set up MEE6 to mute, kick and ban such unruly users from the server.

2. Musibeth

Musibeth is most usually considered a music bot, but has more uses. It can help you play YouTube videos straight on your server, which give you an opportunity to harness Musibeth as a Content Best Marketing tool .If perhaps, you want to provide information regarding to a specific subject area and it lacks context. You can provide a visual aid or video in a more attention grabbing manner.

You could also use Musibeth to endorse YouTube Channel by sharing one of the videos from your channel in Discord. Like every YouTube user you can spread presence of your channel. This bot can definitely help you leading to more audience from YouTube.

Like YouTube, Musibeth also offer similar benefits your website where you can embed video content.

3. Arcane

Arcane is chiefly as a leveling bot.

Leveling is rewards users for being active participants in a specific server. For example, if you have an active user on your server for a long time who constantly engages with you, what you could do to keep that user is to give that user a higher “level” as a prize.

Higher level on Discord usually provides certain treats. One such is physical prizes, so you have to be sure before you get Arcane that you are willing to do what it required. Once you add the bot, you should set some requirements for users to gain XP points for reaching certain levels.

4. GiveawayBot

Discord is no exception to Giveaway and contest like many social media platforms. When you have giveaways, you can lure users for the prizes, and they will have a better opinion of you for your generous prizes.

If you have giveaways on Discord, GiveawayBot is the more than a perfect bot for your work. GiveawayBot can help you set up challenges without losing energy in any manual task. It can also reserve your mass of time and effort by concurrently improving your brand image.

Spam prevention, muting, and banning are some basic moderation features Arcane also has.

5. Quillbot

Like many others, Quillbot has its unique Discord bot qualities. One mainly handy quality for digital marketing is quoting from someone else, which is difficult for you or perhaps you do not want to quote them directly. Quillbot can do your bid by paraphrase whatever they have said.

When you put a text into Quillbot, it will rewrite it for you with a changed sentence structure and new choice of word. This is how you can reuse the previous information without relying on a direct quote from someone else.

Quillbot can also assist you in varying the structure of your sentences. For example, you can use Quillbot to provide variation to a paragraph in a piece of content that contains multiple similar-sounding sentences.

Esols helps you set up bots on Discord

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