Improve Your Campaign with Google Ads Extensions

Improve Your Campaign with Google Ads Extensions

If you’ve heard of a pay-per-click ad, you’ve probably heard of Google Ads. Although, Google Ads is the ideal tool for a PPC campaign because it places your ads at the top of the search results. If you’re looking for leads, these ads can help you get a lot more of them. In fact, visitors who arrive through PPC are 50% more likely to be receptive than visitors who arrive through organic sources. As a result, investing in PPC could result in a flood of leads.


The majority of leads can be obtained through Google Ads, but this is not the only method. If you want to get even better leads, there are a few alternative options to explore. By leveraging these skills, which we refer to as extensions, your company will create the greatest and most genuine leads that you will be able to cultivate towards conversion.

Extension of Locale

If you have a local business that has expanded to numerous locations, a nice feature called location extension can be added to your Google Ads campaign. Users searching for your business will be able to see your specific location thanks to this locale extension. Your address will appear at the bottom of your ad when users find it in the SERP. There will be a map marketplace symbol next to the address. Local clients who are familiar with the location will be drawn to your business, increasing brand recognition.


The local extension button will show instructions to your business quickly if your ad is searched on a mobile device. The location extension feature is simple and handy for users who want to visit a business. You will be able to attract more local customers by using these local extensions. If you provide your address, leads will be able to see it and will know exactly where to go. You should employ the location extension function in your PPC advertisements campaign if you want to boost local website traffic. This is one of the most effective features for generating local leads and converting them to consumers.


Make sure you’re getting the most out of your location extension. This addon is designed for business owners that want their consumers to visit their location in person. This extension option is not required if your business model reaches out to customers.

Site-link extensions

Sitelink extensions can be used to increase the number of links in your advertising. When you first start your ad, you normally only have one link to bring people to a certain page on your site. The sitelink addon allows you to add several links to your ad. These links will bring customers to certain pages on your website. You’ll be able to see how many people click on the secondary links in comparison to the primary link in your ad. It will also help you develop a better grasp of what your customers want and demand from your website.


These links can be found under the ad as one-liners or brief paragraphs when searched on Google. Google decides on the display feature; all you have to do is make sure that links look great in any format. These links are great for running short-term and seasonal promotions. Users might be guided to your company’s seasonal event, that will attract them. Mobile users benefit from sitelink extensions since they minimize the need to click on multiple pages. Instead, when readers click on these links, they are routed to the appropriate pages.

Click-to-text extensions

You can produce a huge leads ready to call your firm by using the call extension. How about other potential buyers who are wary of this design or are uncomfortable with it? How can you ensure that these leads are captured by your PPC ad? click-to-text extension, often known as a message extension, is the best option to capture these leads. Furthermore, this is an excellent option for any of your leads who would rather text than phone or conduct research on their mobile devices.


This addon enables your audience to submit a message to your firm. By hitting on your ad and sending a message to your firm, they can learn more about your services. It’s a fantastic way to get people to interact with your ad and generate leads. You should not lose out on potential customers because your leads are scared to call. Using the click to text plugin, you may collect these leads for your business.

Callout extension

If you want to add more important facts to your PPC ad, the callout extension is a great option for you. Furthermore, this plugin allows users to add explanatory components to your website in order to entice people to choose your organization over others. In their descriptions, many businesses will give various details about their firm, services, or goods. These are unique selling points that will persuade customers to choose your business over the competition. Long lines of text will not sufficient; instead, concise descriptions of your business will suffice.



Callout extensions include things like free shipping and personalized plans. Thus, these brief key phrases are so appealing that they entice your clients to stick with your company and product. Because many potential buyers pay attention to little details, you should be using call out extension in your ad.

Structured snippets

Structured snippets are another great approach for your firm to put more information in your ad. Although, Using this snippet, you will be able to put information about the products, services, and brand in your ad. When you use structured snippets, you can categorize different areas of your business to lure people in your audience.

If you own a tech company, you should offer services such as social media marketing, ecommerce, and web design. The presence of these services makes the users’ understanding of your company’s purpose and services absolute. This useful tool will provide information about your services to your reader without requiring them to visit your website.

Automated Google Ads extensions

Ad extension that Google creates and shows automatically on your advertising are known as programmed extensions. Google will activate the extension if it is predicted to improve the performance of your ad.

If you have any automated extensions enabled in your ads, go to:

You must go to the settings if you wish to see automated extensions. So you can activate and disable whatever options you wish here. In addition, this list includes Google’s offers to deliver sitelinks, structured snippets, and callout extensions.

Share your personal experience with Google Ads extensions

You must understand how to use Google Ads to generate good leads for your personal business. Moreover, Google ads, when used with google ads extensions, can improve not just your campaign but also your business. These extensions not only generate leads, but they also generate convertable leads. 

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