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Supercharge Your Sales
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Our Team Of Experts Is Dedicated To Arming Our Clients With The Ultimate Tools And Strategies To Reach And Engage Their Desired Audience.​

As a PPC specialist and google-ads consultant, our PPC marketing services are designed to help you connect with your target audience effectively. We understand the importance of using relevant keywords and strategic ad placements to reach potential customers.
Our team's primary objective is to ensure that your ads appear in the right places at the right time to keep your audience engaged and interested in your products or services. By leveraging our expertise in PPC marketing, we can help you stay visible to customers searching for keywords related to your business and ensure they find you when they need you the most.

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Ecommerce PPC management

Our service features

What are the different types of PPC Ads?

PPC (Pay-per-click) is an effective strategy to boost your sales through paid advertisement. In this ever-evolving landscape, every digital agency strives to remain a head. Here PPC Advertisement proves to be a promising factor in beating the tough market competition. Digital marketing agencies often overlook the value of PPC. While it’s a powerful tool for those looking to accomplish their goals quickly. There are numerous types of PPC ads

Display Ads:

Amplify your brand with Display Ads to boost your brand awareness and connect  with the right audience. Our expert team tailors Display Ads for optimal visibility, ensuring your brand resonates with potential customers,  and enhances conversion rates.Overlooking Display Ads means losing potential audience engagement, compromising brand visibility, and decreasing the likelihood of converting interested prospects. Ignoring it will result in Missed opportunities to reach the target audience, lower brand visibility, and reduced chances of converting interested potential buyers.

Search Ads:

Search Ads

Search Ads capture users actively searching for keywords, driving targeted traffic and providing control over your advertising budget. Our expert team optimizes Search Ads for maximum impact, ensuring your brand reaches users at the right moment, boosting website traffic Neglecting Search Ads means missing out on targeted visibility – pay only for clicks, reach users actively seeking your offerings

Remarketing Ads:

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads transform interested visitors into loyal customers, boost conversions, and amplify brand recognition." Our seasoned ad experts ensure effective remarketing campaigns, maximizing your sales potential. Neglecting remarketing ads risks losing valuable opportunities, hindering customer retention, and limiting overall sales growth."

Amazon Ads:

Amazon Ads

Remarketing ads transform interested visitors into loyal customers, boost conversions, and amplify brand recognition." Our seasoned ad experts ensure effective remarketing campaigns, maximizing your sales potential. Neglecting remarketing ads risks losing valuable opportunities, hindering customer retention, and limiting overall sales growth."Ads, there's a risk of reduced visibility on this major e-commerce platform, missing out on crucial opportunities, and facing potential losses in sales.

Shopping Ads:

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are eye-catching product promotions in search engine results, showcasing images, prices, and brand details for increased visibility. ESOLS professionals excel in crafting effective Shopping Ad campaigns, directing traffic to online retailers, boosting product visibility, and attracting potential customers. Overlooking Shopping Ads can lead to decreased audience engagement, resulting in missed opportunities and potential customer loss for your business.

LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are precision-targeted promotional messages on the professional networking platform, reaching professionals based on demographics, job titles, and company size. Our ESOLS experts specialize in effectively running LinkedIn Ads, maximizing opportunities to connect with a professional audience and optimizing brand exposure among businesses. Failing to leverage LinkedIn Ads means missing out on valuable opportunities, resulting in reduced brand exposure

Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are targeted messages on the social media platform, allowing businesses to reach specific demographics and interests. Our in-house team effectively runs facebook ads for your product promotion, event marketing, and brand awareness among a diverse user base. Denying the value of Facebook ads can cost you lose a wide customer reach

In-stream Ads (YouTube/Facebook)

In-stream Ads

In-stream ads, also known as YouTube or Facebook ads, are pay-per-click advertisements displayed during video content. Esols social media ad experts will Present your brand in a unique and memorable way, capitalizing on prime video slots for effective advertising. Without in-stream ads your website may struggle to remain visible on search engines.

Platforms We’ll
Manage For You.

Our ecommerce-ppc-managment services cover the following add platforms and more

Why Hire Esol Professionals for Remarketing Services?

What’s Included In
Monthly PPC Management?

Esols’s PPC management services include the following task as part of monthly management:

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What Makes Our Pay Per Click Comapny Different?

We are all about your success. We thrive on our client's business progress.
And to prove it, here are a few points to let you know that we mean it.

Complete Ad Account Ownership

With our pay per click company, you'll have complete ownership of your ad accounts. We believe in giving you full control over your campaigns, ensuring that all ad accounts used to manage them belong exclusively to your company.

Ads Optimization

At our pay per click agency, we take a metrics-focused approach to ad optimization, ensuring that your campaigns are driving meaningful results for your business. With our services, you can trust that your advertising efforts are being maximized to deliver the highest ROI possible.

Reporting Systems

As a leading pay per click company, we believe in providing simple, easy-to-understand reports that are fully aligned with your ultimate goals. With our transparent and customizable reporting, you can trust that you're always in the know about how your campaigns are performing

No Individual, But A Whole Department

At ESOLS, we understand that ecommerce PPC management requires a holistic approach. That's why we don't just assign one or two PPC experts to your project - we dedicate an entire department to ensuring your campaign's success.

No Commitments

At our pay per click company, we believe in total transparency and flexibility when it comes to our contracts. We never hold our clients back with lengthy commitments or hidden fees. Our contracts operate on a month-to-month basis and only require a 30-day notice to cancel.

Reporting Systems

We manually manage campaigns daily to avoid errors and ensure optimal performance, as we find the auto pilot function of machines scary.

Our Ads Set Up Process

The process starts with you filling out questionnaires, not only about your PPC needs, but about your competitors, and target buyers. This gives us a starting boost to easily understand your needs and start your optimized campaigns.
A structural Conversion Audit of your active or inactive campaigns helps us understand where the leakage in your funnel is. Copy, pages, and ad creatives we check it all to identify the elements that are underperforming.
Next up we start building new landing pages and clearing out the messy content that throws off your buyer’s focus for making a purchase.
After auditing and building pages, we consult with our clients add their vision to the process and share a future plan based on strategies that convert.
After clearing up future plans it’s time to show the world what you can offer. Your ads need to be persuasive, informative, direct, and must include your brand’s personality, all within very tight character limits. Lucky for you ESOLS has the best copy writers you can find.
There must be thousands of competitor ads running in your target market and our goal will be to make your ads rise on top of the competitor ads. Here, a team of our expert graphic designers will be in charge of creating eye-catching designs for your ads to bring out most of the ad spend.
You’ll receive reports on every task given to us by you, you can choose how frequently you want it, daily, weekly or monthly. We won’t try to mislead you with vanity metrics. Our reports will be authentic and will be presented in plain English for best understanding of your ad spend.
Our PPC Experience
Over the years we have advertised various products that belong to different industries. We are confident with our strategies that have already been tested and succeeded. Whether you want to spread your business’s voice or sell your product, ESOLS is the best choice for you.
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ppc services for HMB

Heartmybeds furniture store has greatly benefited from the vital role played by our PPC team in generating leads. From jan 2022 to August 2022, we helped the furniture store significantly scale its online operations, resulting in a wider customer base beyond the city where it initially started its operations. Our successful PPC strategy has enabled Heartmybeds to serve more customers and expand its business reach.

Cumulative Results For feb-march 2022

Click Through Rate
Cost Per Action
Revenue generated
£ 1 M+

PPC services for comfyysleep

Comfysleep furniture store has been having success with our PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaign. By using our PPC services, they have been able to generate a lot of customer queries and convert those leads into sales. This shift from an organic approach to a monetized reach has resulted in more relatable clients being reached by the company, which has increased the value they are receiving for each penny they spend on PPC.

Cumulative Results For feb-march 2021

Click Through Rate
Cost Per Action
Revenue generated
£ M+

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