7 Social Media Content Ideas to Engage Your Audience

7 Social Media Content Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Do you want to add some zing to your social media content?

If you want more people to engage on your social media content; you should overhaul your strategies.  On the social platforms, increased engagement is result of proper arrangement of social media content.

Do you want to breathe your social media material with new life? These seven social media content strategies may help you captivate your audience and urge them to interact with your material!

Share content from major industry leaders

When you’re coming up with social media Marketing Tool ideas, it may come to your mind that all the content has to be unique and should come directly from your company. However, this is not the case; you can share content from other experts in the field. All you have to do is, retweet and share relevant content from other industries. You show that you have up to date knowledge of your field by sharing this content.

Company X shares a tweet from company Y about a new service that they started providing in the market. Since many employees of the company X receive same services, the content will be highly relevant to them.

How to find relevant content on social platforms? To find relevant content you must follow authorities and social media influencers in your field along with followers or consumers who like discussions about your brand.

Create a series of posts for social media content

Creating a series of posts will be the next item on our social media post ideas to do list. Daily, weekly, or if possible monthly series posts should be posted.

These posts are excellent for social media since they keep your followers interested.You can either create your own series or use one that already exists. “Motivational Monday” and “Throwback Thursday” are two examples of pre-made series. These popular tags can be used to post content every week.

Coming up with series of your own can be a best way to increase audience interaction; just the way awareness social service made a series using tag #Sharetoaware.This social service shares post regarding the social misuse or abuse of power against the lower class community. Liking these posts mean more awareness among the people. Hence people look for more tags from the social service.

Brainstorm and generate series ideas for your business if you spread or share your content. You may try a weekly advice or a daily inspiring remark, for example.

Don’t forget to share a hashtag!

Create video content

Running in the circles is not the idea when it comes to capturing social media content creation. You should use other mediums as well in order to make content creative.

If you want to share value able content with your responsive audience, video content is the best alternative content type for you. To make video content unique, it can be experimented with in several ways.

As social media strategy, if you create video content you can be creative in numerous ways. Here are some tricks to be creative:

1.  Include tips, tricks and easy hacks

2.  Employ and interview with customers

3.  Product highlights

4.  Monthly sale specials

5. Industry News

6.  Do It Yourself (DYI) activities

7. Step by Step instructions

Plus, you may go live right from your social profile! Live videos are a great way to engage with your audience and give them a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your company or an upcoming event.

Posting user-generated content

Create user-generated material on your social media pages. User-generated content (UGC) is content created by your audience about your brand, which you subsequently repost on your website. User generated content allows you to see how your users perceive your brand. 92% of customer recommends your brand as a trusted product so sharing this experience could increase your value.

Creating a hashtag and encouraging people to use it is the easiest approach to collect user-generated material. To generate postings from people, you can develop a hashtag that is relevant to your brand as a whole or utilize campaign-specific tags. To see other peoples post, you can ask people to tag you in their images.

Target is a great example of how to use user-generated content. User-generated images of Target products in action abound on the retailer’s Instagram page. It’s an excellent technique for them to get folks to look at their items.

Giveaways or contests

Running contests or giveaways is a good idea that is on our list.

Whether free gift comes from a contest or a giveaway getting something for free is every person’s dream. This is by far the most lucrative way to get more engagement on social media content.What you offer in your contest will be determined by your company. You could give away free or trials of your products if you sell them. You might provide a free trial or a free service to service-based enterprise.

Caution must be counted before starting a contest or offering a giveaway.If you hold contests and giveaways frequently, you run the danger of attracting uninterested customers who are solely in for obtaining something for nothing and would never buy from you. They may or may not make a future purchase or have a long-term interest in your firm.

Consider utilising a hashtag forcing users to submit a photo with your goods and the contest hashtag to assist tackle this issue. It can assist you in attracting brand fans to your contests while also giving marketing for your company.

Do polls or surveys

Polls and surveys are next social media content ideas on our list. This type of material is excellent for increasing page engagement. You have some leeway with what you can ask users when creating polls or surveys. You can ask brand-specific inquiries, or you can ask queries based on the season.

Take Starbucks as an example. They conducted vote to determine when it was appropriate to begin playing holiday music. The poll provided a pleasant opportunity for users to interact with the brand, even if it had nothing to do with selling coffee.

Best opportunity for business to engage their customers with their content is to ask questions.

Point-out customer experience

If you’re looking for more social media post ideas, consider showcasing customer experiences.

Customer highlights can be obtained in two ways: by asking your customers about their experiences or by using user-generated content.You can contact customers that buy your products frequently or write consistently positive reviews and inquire about their experience. You may inquire about their favorite aspects of your company and what keeps customers coming back.

Then, based on their answers, you could create a visual aid that quotes them and then post it to your social network profile. You can also share user-generated content that directly demonstrates a positive brand experience. A photo of someone using your goods in a photo isn’t a great endorsement. A lengthy line of text connected to the photo or video can be an excellent testimonial.

A consumer who belonged to deaf community made a video which was made viral by Starbucks. The video shows how coffee can be ordered at Starbucks by using sign language by deaf or otherwise disable people. This painted a positive image of Starbucks employees that they can even understand sign language.

Such experiences leave a long lasting impact on the customer. The video also contained a message at the end which proclaims “I am a forevr customer”.

By showing this video on feeds, Starbucks shows positive feedback of their customers. This provides an insight of old customers to potential customers which will lead to better sales of your product.

ESOLS can help you get more social media content ideas

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