General PPC Statistics in 2021

Pandemic 2019 brought a paradigmatic shift in consumer dynamics. In the new world of e-commerce, traditional business methods are no longer profitable. Several sectors which stick to the old fashioned ways faced economic downfall, while others who adapted to new innovative methods made serious profits. PPC statistics is one such method.   

The Pay-per-click (PPC) model of online marketing asks advertisers to make payment whenever one of their ads is clicked. This is a new way to buy visits to your website. The success of this marketing strategy can be measured by experts’ estimates that it will remain viable.

What else prove the predictions of these experts is 2021 PPC statistics? In 2020 PPC received growth of 5.9 % when predictions were against its growth. It demonstrates that PPC is among the most effective ways to expand a business.

Uses of PPC

  • PPC offers consistent and apt results
  • Reliable source
  • Offers good-quality leads
  • Allows options to target
  • You can measure and optimize it

So now you grasp what PPC is and how it might help you, we’ve prepared some facts to assist you in making a decision.


General stats

PPC statistics enable you to examine the finer points of the marketing landscape, such as

  • Importance and effectiveness of PPC ads
  • Google (CTR)
  • Effectiveness of a PPC campaign according to Google (CTR)

Expenses for search advertising in 2020 totalled $110 billion.

Companies are prepared to spend further on PPC advertisements for revenue creation in 2021 because they have invested much in PPC management. This data gives us a suggestion about the success of pay-per-click advertising.

PPC was among the top three lead generation channels.

  • PPC was placed third on-page website conversions.

On average, PPC advertisements have an 11.38 % CTR

  • A well-optimized ad can have a click-through rate of around 11%. It isn’t the maximum CTR, but it can assist distinguish a good campaign from one that isn’t.

In a user survey, 75 % of respondents said that they click on ads to easily find the relevant information.

Search Ad Stats

The relevancy of your adverts is determined by the user’s search intent while using search advertising.

  • Text ads receive (49 %) of clicks over video ads (16 %)

Most internet users use an ad blocker

  • Because of the widespread use of ad blockers, ad publishers will lose money in 2020
  • Ads are not seen by 38% of desktop users and 25% of smartphone users. Users become irritated by too many adverts, so they block them.

Too many ads frustrate users, so they block ads.

  • Annoying and irrelevant ads are the reason 47 % of users use ad blockers

eCommerce PPC Statistics

  • Pay per click stats showed in 2020 that 65 % of people don’t trust Facebook as much as they do Google
  • In 2019, the overall CTR of Google Ads was 1.91 percentage

eCommerce PPC Statistics

In the digital marketing industry, paid advertising for eCommerce is quite inexpensive. This provides you with the flexibility you want to refine your pay-per-click strategy without being at the giving end.

  • To get a bigger percentage of search traffic, use a 6-word phrase.
  • 60% of eCommerce inquiries are from users who start their search from general information towards a specific product

Amazon PPC Statistics

amazon ppc

Being the biggest eCommerce platform, Amazon can’t be ignored. So, to be visible on Amazon, you should use pay-per-click stats 2021 and improve your ad strategy.

  • Sponsored products generate better sales on per click
  • When users search for a certain product online, their search percentage rises to 70%
  • On Amazon Ads, the average click-through rate is 0.41 percentage
  • PPC on Amazon might bring in 9.55 percent of the time

Social PPC Statistics 2021


The number of users on social media is increasing day by day. If you market your social media marketing campaign, you may achieve maximum visibility for your company. You can use search as well as pay-per-click ads when advertising on social media.

  • When it comes to B2B advertising, 33 % trust search engine marketing
  • Social media advertising stand second with 29 %
  • Social media, 37% users, is found to be a beneficial factor when looking for products
  • Video advertising is considered a likeable format for ads by 32% of marketers (Search Engine Journal, 2019)

Using Pay-per-click can generate revenue. You can attract easily target your audience and also You can effortlessly target your audience while saving a lot of money. Utilize our data to create a well-informed marketing campaign.

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