8 Reasons Why Google Ads Will Help Your Business

When a potential customer wants to buy a product, food, service or anything from anywhere in the world. They’re probably going to search that on google first. That’s where Google ads come in. Someone enters a query and Google entertains the query and serves them with Google paid ads and snippets.

In a digital world, Google can be a huge success factor for any business, as it will be driving traffic to the website, market the product and brought sales. If you have been ignoring this effective online advertising tool so far, then this is high time to consider it.

In this article, I’ll show you 8 reasons why Google Ads can help you reach new clients and expand your business.

Enables you to Reach Your Customer

Any business, regardless of their size, wishes to be on the 1st SERP (first page) of Google. Getting viewed by customers at the exact time when they are requiring information, products or services that you’re providing or selling is intent marketing and it’s really profitable.

As a small business, they’re going to be hurdles to get on top ten search results organically, you have to realize that you’re competing against bigger similar brands who have career-long SEO experts.

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But with Google AdWords, you can appear on very top of 1st page of Google, skipping the competition of SEO experts. No matter how long you’ve been here it’s going to work for you. You can get impressions, clicks or views, exactly when they’re searching for the services or products.

Enables You to Reach Your Local Customer


AdWords lets you advertise with location targeting options. Therefore, if you’re a local based business (such as restaurant), company or even e-commerce site for that specific area. You can still Geo-target to get seen by your potential customer. Moreover, you’re not wasting any dollar on those who aren’t even in your area.


Enables you to Allows you to Target Highly Specific Searches

You might have heard of keyword are needed for Google ads to work. Well, that’s right! The more targeted your keywords and keyword phrases for ads are, the better potential customer you’re going to target and reach. Moreover, Google will rank your ad on top of Google SERP.

If you’re using Google AdWords, make sure to do a thorough research for suggested keywords for every ad group you create.

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Enables you to Follow Your Customer with Retargeting

This might have happened with you. That you visited a site, stay on it a while and leave. Suddenly you start seeing similar ads, even the product page that you visited. That’s retargeting.

With Google AdWords, if a potential buyer visits your website, a cookie is generated by a code you’ve placed on the backend. You can target your advertisements to follow them on Google Display Networks or Google search after they leave your site.


You pay extra for it, but it is effective in increasing sales, consider this.  Those people were intrigued enough to visit your website. You can be viewed by them again – and again – as long as your company is still on their minds.

Enables you to Reach Your Mobile Customer Where They Are

Probability is your customer just there in the neighbourhood trying to find best coffee in town. Here, Google AdWords gives you loads of mobile optimization options and lets you target your customer with the option of both textual ad or visual ad.

For example, if you’re a local coffee shop then mobile ads are a perfect fit. Possibility is your customer is just around the corner, might be looking for his caffeine fix before going to office. He searches for the places nearby and if your ad pops up. He’s surely going to show up at your place.


Enables you to Get Measured Results

Google AdWords gives you the privilege of customizing options to track and measure your ad group performance.

For example, you can set and track your own goals for:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Traffic to your Website
  • Brand Awareness
  • Sales and Conversions

Within your ad groups, you can also track the success of each of your Google AdWords campaigns. You can find metrics like:

  • What are the most effective keywords?
  • What are the most click-through-rate-optimized headlines?
  • When are your adverts most effective?
  • So on

Web analytics can help greatly in monitoring which traffic is visiting your page and their sources. Learn how to monitor traffic with web analytics.

web analytics

Enables you to Control Your Own Budget

If you’re small business which is getting started with Google AdWords, there’s good news for you. As you’re able to set a budget for your ads and change it whenever you want to, so you don’t run out of money.  If an ad is outperforming, then you can increase your ads budget for more click troughs, impressions and views. If it’s underperforming decrease ad budget or simply stop it.


Learn about tips provided by google to properly manage your Google AdWords budget!

Enables you to Run Multiple Campaigns for Your Marketing Needs

One of the best things about Google Ads is that you can create a variety of different ad campaigns to meet a variety of different marketing goals.

Let’s pretend you’re in the event planning company. You’d like to promote your services to…

  • Organizing a wedding
  • Fundraisers 
  • corporate events

You might create three separate marketing campaigns, one for each of your targeted services.

For each campaign, you can then create different ad groups. You can target different keywords in your ad groups.

For example, you set up three ad groups to target for your “Wedding Planning” campaign, for example:

  • Keywords related to wedding dresses
  • Honeymoon destinations, as well as related terms
  • Lawyers for pre-nuptial agreements – and associated terms

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