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Google Reviews Update April 2023


The eagerly anticipated April 2023 reviews update by Google has been released, introducing a transformative expansion to its review system. Going beyond previous product review updates, this latest update revolutionizes the way reviews are evaluated by encompassing a wide array of reviewable topics. Google’s review system now extends its reach to cover reviews of services, businesses, destinations, and diverse forms of media, including games and movies. With this comprehensive update, Google aims to provide users with a more holistic and informative review experience, enabling them to make well-rounded decisions across a range of categories.

The announcement of the April 2023 reviews update was made by Google via Twitter, accompanied by updates to the Search Status dashboard. This dashboard now provides valuable information on how to write high-quality reviews to enhance visibility and user engagement. Additionally, notable changes have been made to the terminology used throughout Google’s documentation. By replacing terms like “shoppers” with “people” and rephrasing “product” to encompass a broader range of items or removing it altogether, Google ensures that its review system accommodates reviews from various perspectives.

Announcement of the New Google Update 

The update was announced by Google on Twitter and reflected in changes to its Search Status dashboard. Google product Reviews update has also revised its guidance on how to write high-quality reviews, using more generic language that applies to all types of reviews. The changes include rewording terms like “shoppers” to “people” and replacing “product” with “thing” or “something” or removing it altogether.

This update signifies a significant shift in scope, as the previous product reviews update now encompasses all types of reviews within Google’s review system. Google’s documentation and guidance have been updated accordingly, and the review system’s name has been changed to reflect this shift.

What is Google Review System 

Google’s reviews system evaluates articles, blog posts, and standalone content aimed at providing recommendations, opinions, or analysis. It does not assess third-party reviews found in the reviews section of product or services pages.

If your website publishes any form of review content, it is essential to monitor the impact of this update on your  organic traffic . Google has also shared 14 best practices for high-quality reviews, emphasizing aspects such as demonstrating expertise, providing evidence, and offering comparisons and recommendations.

Impact of the Latest Update 

This update impacts several languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Polish.on the other hand  It represents an evolution of Google’s previous product review updates, with all previous guidance   redirecting to  revised reviews guidance.

Expansion of Review System

 Google’s review system beyond product reviews to include reviews about various topics such as services, businesses, and media . This means that any reviewable topic can now be evaluated by Google’s review system.

Google has changed the name of its “product reviews system” to simply the “reviews system.” This change reflects the broader scope of the update, as it now applies to all types of reviews.

Google has modified its guidance documentation to encompass all types of reviews. Previously, the guidance focused primarily on product reviews, but now it applies to any review category. The language used in the documentation has been altered to be more generic and inclusive of different types of reviews.

google product Reviews update 2023

Read Out google official documentation for April Reviews Update 2023

Announcement and Search Status Dashboard

Google announced the April 2023 reviews update on Twitter. Additionally, the Search Status dashboard was updated to reflect the release of the update, providing information  how to write reviews.

Implications and Scope

however the changes seem minor  terms of grammatical choices, meanwhile they have significant implications  expand scope of Google’s review system. Previously limited to product reviews, the system now applies to all types of reviews, making it more comprehensive and inclusive.

Google product Reviews update System Guidance

Google has provided guidance on how to write high-quality reviews. Such as The 14 best practices for high-quality reviews include evaluating from a user’s perspective, demonstrating expertise, providing evidence such as visuals or audio, sharing quantitative measurements, comparing products, discussing benefits and drawbacks, describing product evolution, focusing on key decision-making factors, explaining design choices, including links to other resources, recommending the best option with supporting evidence, ensuring sufficient content in ranked lists, and considering multiple languages impacted.

Language Support

The April 2023 reviews update applies to several languages, likewise English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese. The update aims to provide a more comprehensive review system across multiple languages.


Website owners and publishers who also feature review should monitor the impact of this update on their rankings and organic traffic.   Google’s guidance on high-quality reviews can help ensure that review content is optimized for visibility within  search results.

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