Youtube Targeting Options: Reaching Your Ideal Audience With Precision

Youtube Targeting Options: Reaching Your Ideal Audience With Precision


There’s nothing like reaching your ideal audience. And the good news is, you can do it with precision. That’s right: YouTube has a bunch of targeting options. This post will give you an overview so that you can choose the ones that work best for your brand and target audience—and boost engagement on your videos from day one! 

Re targeting Is Very Effective Tool 

Re targeting is a powerful way to reach your ideal audience. It’s also one of the most effective ways to build your brand, increase sales, and take advantage of existing customers’ loyalty. 

Re targeting allows you to reach people who have already visited your website or store by showing them ads based on their previous activity on that site. This is great because it means you can target people who haven’t yet converted into customers but are interested in what you’re selling–and it helps them make the decision right away! 

You can re target on search engines like Google AdWords (which we’ll talk about below), social media platforms like Facebook Ads Manager, display networks such as DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), video sites like YouTube TrueView for advertisers…the list goes on! 

You Can Use The Demographics for Youtube Targeting Options

Demographics are the characteristics of a population. They include age, gender and location, but also more specific traits such as education level or income bracket. Demographics are important for marketing because they help you reach your audience;.  

if you are targeting young women with a new product line for example, then it’s likely that you would want to advertise on YouTube during one of their favorite shows (and not during an evening news broadcast). 

Youtube Targeting options

In-stream targeting allows advertisers to specify which segments they wish to reach within an ad campaign. This is useful if you’re aiming at smaller audiences within a larger group – for example if there are certain types of people who might be interested in what you have to offer but not everyone else within that same broad category. 

Out stream ads allow advertisers to show their ads outside YouTube videos (for example on other websites) based on user behavior or demographics like gender or location 

Interests Are Broad Categories 

Interests are broad categories of topics that people are interested in and main things in Youtube Targeting Options. They’re based on the things you like to do, places you like to go, and things you like to buy. Unlike interests, which have no specific topics or types of content attached to them, YouTube targeting options for “Interests” will show up in your ad’s audience selection screen when you select an interest category (such as “Technology” or “Travel”). 

When you select an interest category, your ad will show up in front of people who’ve expressed an interest in that topic. For example, if you choose the “Technology” category, your ad could appear in front of people who’ve watched videos about technology and commented on them. In addition to the “Interests” targeting options, YouTube also offers sub-categories for interests like gaming or politics. These categories provide even more granular targeting than simply selecting an interest category itself. 

Behaviors Are Also A Great Area To Focus  

Behaviors are a great way to target your audience. For example, if you want to reach people who have subscribed to an educational channel about science, you can select the Behavior “Viewed educational videos” and then add the channel name of your intended audience. This will pull in viewers who have watched any educational video on that channel–even if it’s not related to science! 

To target behaviors: 

  • Go into your YouTube Ads Manager account (if you don’t already have one, set one up here). 
  • Click on “Audiences” under “Targeting options.” This will open up a list of all available targeting options for YouTube ads campaigns–behaviors being one of them! 


Know Your Audience And Reach Them Wherever They Are 

Knowing your audience is the key to reaching them. If you know what they like, what they watch and how they interact with videos on YouTube, it’s easier to create content that will resonate with them. This will help you get more views, increase engagement and ultimately drive more value from each video you publish. 

Let’s take an example: if your target audience is millennials who love music and comedy (like me!), then it would make sense for you to create a video about why Taylor Swift is overrated or how funny cats are–but if this isn’t true for the majority of viewers in your niche, then all those people who aren’t interested in either topic will become alienated and stop watching altogether!  

On the other hand, if most people in your niche care about home decorating tips but not so much about cat videos…then maybe those are still worth posting regularly despite their lacklustre popularity amongst viewers under 35 years old? 


YouTube is a powerful platform, and if you know how to use it right, it can be an excellent way to reach your ideal audience. The best thing about YouTube is that you don’t have to be an expert in video marketing or SEO–the platform itself does most of the work for you! All you need is a camera and some creativity (and maybe some editing software).

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