How To Start An Amazon FBA Store with Low Budget

So you want to start an Amazon FBA business, but you’re worried about how expensive it will be. Well guess what? It doesn’t have to cost you anything! There are many ways to get started with a very small budget and build your business up over time. In this post we’ll show you some tips on how to start an amazon fba store for cheap or for free.

Pick A Niche

You need to pick a niche for your store. That means you have to be specific about what kind of products you’re going to sell, because there are thousands of different categories on Amazon. 

For example, if you want to sell “furniture,” that’s too broad–there are hundreds of different types of furniture that people can buy. You should narrow it down by choosing one specific type (like patio chairs) or even narrowing it down further by picking a subcategory within that category (like folding chairs).

So now we’ve got our niche narrowed down: we’re going after folding chairs! But why do this? Why not just sell any other type of chair? Because doing so would make us less competitive as an FBA seller and cost us sales from potential buyers who may not find what they want elsewhere online; instead, sticking with just folding chairs ensures that customers looking specifically for these kinds will find us first when searching through their options on Amazon Prime Day 2019 or Black Friday 2020–and trust me when I say there are plenty who do!

Research Your Competitors

Once you’ve chosen a product to sell, it’s time to do some research. This is where many people fail in their first attempt at starting an Amazon FBA business because they skip this step and jump right into selling the product without knowing anything about their competitors or who else is already selling the same thing. 

Use The Amazon Fba Calculator

The first step in starting your Amazon FBA business is to use the Amazon FBA calculator. This tool lets you enter information about your product and estimate how much it will cost to sell on Amazon, including shipping fees and other expenses.

Use this information to help you decide whether to move forward with creating an account as well as what type of product would be most profitable for you!

You can also use the Amazon FBA calculator to find out how much it costs to sell on your own website. This will help you determine if selling on Amazon is worth it or not! Use the Internet. The second step in starting your Amazon FBA business is to use the Internet! There are lots of websites that can help you start researching competitors’ products and marketing strategies.

Find A Supplier For Your Product

You can find a supplier for your product by searching on Alibaba and Ali express. A good reputation is important, but so is getting a good price and being able to get the product you need in stock. You also want to make sure that they ship quickly, are easy to work with and have great customer service!

Start A Blog And Build An Email List Of Potential Customers.

The first step to starting an Amazon FBA store is building an email list. This can be done in a couple of ways, but the most effective way is to start a blog and then use it to drive traffic back to your store.

When you first launch your site, you’ll want people who visit it and see what’s available in the “sales funnel”. The sales funnel refers to all the different options people have when they visit your website for the first time:

  • They might be coming from Google search results (in which case they’d click on something like “How To Start An Amazon FBA Store On A Tight Budget”).
  • They could also click on one of our banner ads (which lead directly into our sales funnel).

Once someone lands on this page after clicking through from either one of these sources above, we have two goals: 

1) Get them interested enough so that they sign up for our email list.

2) Make sure those people know when new products are added so they don’t miss out!

You Can Start An Amazon Fba Business Quickly And Cheaply.

You can start an Amazon FBA business quickly and cheaply. It takes a lot of work and research to be successful, but the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your first product or website. You will need to find a niche, find suppliers for your products and build a website.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start an Amazon FBA business. In fact, if you follow these steps, you can start your own Amazon FBA business on a budget and make money quickly.’

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Can I start an Amazon FBA store on a tight budget?

Yes, you can definitely start an Amazon FBA store on a tight budget. By following the tips and strategies mentioned in this guide, you can minimize your initial expenses and gradually build your business over time. It’s important to pick a specific niche, research your competitors, find affordable suppliers, and leverage tools like the Amazon FBA calculator to estimate costs and profitability.

How do I pick a niche for my Amazon FBA store?

When choosing a niche for your Amazon FBA store, it’s crucial to be specific and avoid broad categories. Narrow down your focus to a particular type of product or even a subcategory within that product line. For example, instead of selling “furniture,” you could choose to sell folding chairs. This helps you target a specific audience and makes you more competitive as an FBA seller.

Where can I find suppliers for my Amazon FBA products To FBA Store with Low Budget?

To find suppliers for your Amazon FBA products, you can search on platforms like Alibaba and Ali express. Look for suppliers with a good reputation, competitive pricing, reliable shipping options, and excellent customer service. It’s important to establish a good relationship with your supplier to ensure timely fulfillment of orders and maintain product quality.

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