Pakistan’s Freelancers Struggle As Fiverr Gigs Unavailable Due To Internet Suspension

Fiverr Gigs Unavailable in Pakistan 

Introduction :

The sudden suspension of internet services in Pakistan has caused immense damage to digital service providers, especially those working on freelance giant Fiverr. The internet suspension came amid political escalation, causing online services like Careem and FoodPanda to suffer. However, Pakistani freelancers working online are facing hard times as Fiverr issued a ‘risk warning’ to clients across the globe before placing orders with freelancers from Pakistan.


Due to the internet outage following the arrest of PTI chief, Fiverr warned buyers of the risk of working with Pakistani freelancers. The move triggered widespread protests, which resulted in several deaths and cost billions to the national economy. As a result, Fiverr issued a ‘risk warning’ to clients, citing “freelancer located in a country experiencing internet outages, and your order may be delayed.” Consequently, many people are now avoiding giving jobs to Pakistani freelancers.


The response from Pakistani freelancers was mixed. While some lamented the government’s action to suspend internet services, others called out Fiverr for its lack of understanding of the ground situation in Pakistan. Several Twitter users also expressed their displeasure at Fiverr’s move, calling it discriminatory and unfair.


The suspension of internet services caused a loss of nearly Rs1 billion to Pakistani freelancers. The country’s IT industry, which was already under pressure, came to a standstill, affecting the livelihoods of thousands of people. Freelancers’ inability to work due to the suspension has resulted in missed deadlines, loss of clients, and a negative impact on their ratings and response rates on platforms like Fiverr.

The freelancer community in Pakistan is in dire straits as they struggle to make ends meet in the current situation. The loss of income and missed deadlines have resulted in mounting financial pressures and uncertainty about the future.


The suspension of internet services has highlighted the government’s failure to understand the importance of the digital economy and its impact on Pakistan’s economic growth. Freelancers are a vital part of the country’s digital economy, and the government needs to do more to protect their interests.

The government should develop policies that ensure the availability of internet services, especially during times of political turmoil. It should also work towards creating a conducive environment for freelancers by providing them with the necessary infrastructure and resources to work and grow their businesses.

Fiver Banned Pakistan


IT professionals in Pakistan are struggling to work from home due to the blockages of several arteries in parts of the country. The IT industry is already under pressure, and the suspension of the internet has brought it to a standstill.


Freelancers in Pakistan have become a significant source of hard currency for the country, with exports of around $2 billion in IT services alone. This hard currency source is vital to Pakistan, which is struggling to meet its foreign exchange needs.


The sudden suspension of internet services in Pakistan has had a severe impact on the country’s freelancing community with Fiverr Gigs Unavailable in Pakistan . With Fiverr now issuing ‘risk warnings’ to clients, many Pakistani freelancers are struggling to get work. This situation is unfortunate, given the significant contribution freelancers make to the economy and the hard currency they bring into the country. It is crucial that the government takes steps to address this issue and ensure that freelancers can continue to work and contribute to the country’s economy.


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