Amazon Accounts Suspension Reasons and Solutions?


How to Tackle Banned on Amazon?

Amazon account suspension is the world’s largest online buy and sell marketplace. The mission and vision of Amazon is to be the earth’s most customer-centric company. The aim is to build a place where people can find and buy anything online.

When sellers are setting their Amazon merchant accounts, they don’t think about the prospect of getting banned. Mostly, sellers are real, legitimate seller with real, legitimate products, but still they get banned, why?


Here we will discuss why seller gets banned and what to do after the account suspension:

  • 1. Poor Product Quality
  • 2. False advertising
  • 3. Delivery Issues
  • 4. Bad Customer services by a seller
  • 5. ODR (Order Defect Rate)
  • 6. Overselling
  • 7. Violation of rules and regulations of Amazon

Poor Product Quality

When a seller sell fake or artificial products instead of original, or poor quality products that may be defected or non- functional can lead to the suspension of the account on amazon. If customer receives the product that is not fulfilling his expectations then he leave the negative feedback or report to Amazon and Amazon take strong action on customer’s appeals.
If a product is constantly receiving negative reviews and seller is not focusing on the product quality then his account can also get banned and it can never be reactivated.
So, the product quality should always be the first priority by the seller to grow and expand his business on Amazon rapidly.

False advertising

Sometime sellers list products on Amazon with inaccurate description, photos and key points. Sellers do this because they want customer’s attraction and more sales. But this takes the customer to the misleading and Amazon takes it very seriously. When Amazon receive flood of buyer’s complaints then they take action and suspends the account.

Delivery Issues

When you are registered as FBM (fulfillment by merchant) account with Amazon then you have to follow the rules of Amazon regarding delivery. Amazon is a platform where customers expect to get the delivery within two to three days. If sellers can not comply with this delivery duration Amazon will consider it as a delayed or late order. Amazon does not bear late deliveries more than the rate of four percent.
Aside from late deliveries, wrong deliveries is also a big concern because if customers get the delivery on time but the product is damaged or wrong, or delivery company has delivered on wrong address, Amazon takes it in a negative sense. Customer’s satisfaction is first priority, so Amazon suspends the account instantly.

Bad Customer services By A Seller

When sellers advertise wrong products then customers complaint about the products on Amazon and to the seller. If seller don’t take it seriously and don’t resolve the issues or refund the customers then customer direct complaint to Amazon about amazon account suspension and they take it strictly. Amazon prides itself on its superb customer service, so it does not allow the sellers who are Using Amazon’s platform to behave unprofessionally with customers.

ODR (Order Defect Rate)

Customers usually leave negative feedbacks or open AtoZ claims on Amazon if they don’t receive or receive wrong or defected item. When AtoZ claim withdraws in customer’s side then the ODR of seller account increases. Also negative feedbacks put a strong impact on the ODR increase. Amazon allows buyers to sell till the ODR reaches to 1%. After that they warn the seller and suspend their account.


Don’t sell the products that the sellers don’t have in stock. Don’t cancel the orders or delay shipments. These are all the reasons which can be the reason of account suspension or ban.

Violation of rules and regulations of Amazon

Amazon has its own rules and regulations, which every seller must follow. If sellers don’t follow the rules then the seller account can be suspended. Some of the important rules of Amazon that every seller account must care about are as follows:

No Selling of Forbidden items without proper certifications and licenses.

No selling of Fake items, Items that are not original, mimicked of original items sells leads to ban of the account.

No selling of the items that are not registered with you, or registered with any other brand.

No Promotional sales, some sellers just display their product on Amazon and guide buyers to other websites. This type of activity on detection may lead to account suspension or putting it under review.

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