6 Reasons of Amazon Account Suspension Detail Explanation

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has become a lucrative platform for online sellers. However, it’s essential to understand that operating an Amazon seller account comes with responsibilities. Amazon can suspend your account for various reasons, and the consequences can be severe. 

In this article, we’ll explore six common reasons for Amazon account suspension and how you can avoid them.

Reason 1: Policy Violations

Listing Infringements Amazon

One of the most frequent reasons for Amazon account suspension is listing policy violations. Amazon has strict guidelines for product listings, and any deviation can lead to trouble. Ensure your product listings comply with Amazon’s policies regarding titles, images, and descriptions.

Product Quality Issues

Selling low-quality or counterfeit products can result in customer complaints and account suspension. Make sure your products meet Amazon’s quality standards and provide accurate descriptions to avoid potential issues.

Reason 2: Negative Customer Feedback

Customer feedback plays a crucial role in your Amazon seller reputation. Negative feedback, especially related to product quality, shipping, or customer service, can harm your account’s standing. Actively address customer concerns to prevent suspension.

Reasons of Amazon Account Suspension

Reason 3: Suspicious Account Activity

Multiple Accounts on Amazon

Operating multiple Amazon seller accounts without proper authorization is against Amazon’s policies. If detected, this can lead to account suspension. Stick to one account or follow Amazon’s guidelines when managing multiple accounts.

Abnormal Sales Patterns

Unusual sales patterns, such as an unusually high volume of sales, can trigger suspicion. While success is great, be prepared to provide necessary documentation to explain such patterns to Amazon.

Reason 4: Shipping and Delivery Problems in Amazon

Late shipments, undelivered orders, and improper packaging can result in negative feedback and account suspension. Monitor your shipping and delivery processes closely to ensure customer satisfaction.

 Amazon Account  property complaints

Reason 5: Intellectual Property Complaints

Trademark Violations

Using trademarked terms in your product listings or selling counterfeit branded items can lead to intellectual property complaints. Always respect intellectual property rights when listing products.

Similar to trademark violations, using copyrighted material without proper authorization can get you in trouble. Ensure that your product listings and content comply with copyright laws.

Amazon Payment Issues

Reason 6: Payment Issues

Chargebacks and Refunds

Excessive chargebacks or refund requests can raise red flags. It’s essential to manage your payments and address customer disputes promptly.

Suspicious Transactions

Unusual payment activity, such as an unexpectedly high volume of transactions, can trigger suspicion. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities to Amazon.

How to Avoid Amazon Account Suspension?

To Safeguard Your Amazon Seller Account, follow these Guidelines:

Compliance with PoliciesAlways follow Amazon’s policies, including product listing guidelines and account management rules.
Monitoring Customer FeedbackRegularly review customer feedback and promptly address any negative comments or concerns.
Securing Your AccountTake steps to protect your account, like using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.
Improving Shipping and DeliveryEnsure on-time shipments, proper packaging, and excellent customer service to prevent shipping issues.
Intellectual Property AwarenessEducate yourself on intellectual property laws and make sure your product listings respect trademarks and copyrights.
Payment HandlingCarefully manage payments and customer transactions to prevent payment issues and disputes.


Maintaining a healthy Amazon seller account is essential for your e-commerce success. By understanding and proactively addressing the reasons behind account suspension, you can ensure a smooth and profitable journey on Amazon.

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How long does an Amazon account suspension last?

Amazon account suspensions can vary in duration, depending on the reason and your actions to resolve the issue. Some suspensions can be lifted in a few days, while others may take weeks or even longer.

Can I appeal an Amazon account suspension?

Yes, you can appeal an Amazon account suspension. Amazon provides a process for submitting an appeal and requesting a review of the suspension.

What happens to my inventory when my Amazon account is suspended?

When your Amazon account is suspended, your inventory is usually placed in reserve, and you may not be able to sell those products until the issue is resolved.

Can I create a new Amazon seller account if my current one is suspended?

Creating a new Amazon seller account while your current one is suspended is against Amazon’s policies and can lead to further complications. It’s best to focus on resolving the suspension on your existing account.

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