What Is AI-Generated Content?

AI-generated content is the result of a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to write and publish articles. The AI program analyzes data and then writes an article based on those findings, much like how you would use Google's search engine to find information about a topic and then write your own content based on that research.

Does Ai Content Affects SEO?

AI-generated content has the potential to negatively impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization) if not used correctly. While AI algorithms have advanced significantly, there are certain limitations and challenges associated with AI-generated content that can affect SEO in a detrimental way.

The Google Debate

Google is against AI generated content. The reason Google has a stance against AI generated content is because it is not original and unique to your business, which violates their guidelines


In short, AI-generated content has the potential to be bad for SEO. It's important to keep in mind that this technology is still developing and there are many ways it can be used responsibly. However, if you want your site to benefit from SEO, then must do it organically. if you need help getting your content ranked, we're here to help. feel free to contact us to know more about SEO.