5 Quick Ways To Get More Instagram Likes


Instagram is a social media platform that’s full of beautiful photos and fun videos. It’s also the perfect place to build an audience, grow your brand and make new friends. If you want to get more Instagram likes on your own posts, though, it can be a bit tricky. Here are five quick ways to increase your engagement on the platform:

Use Hashtags That Are Relevant

Hashtags are a great way to connect with other Instagram users, find content that you might not have seen otherwise and curate your own feed. For example, if you’re in the travel industry and want more people to see your photos from around the world, consider adding hashtags like #travel or #travelgram (which has over 100 million posts). Or if you sell clothes online, add #fashionista and/or other relevant terms so that users can discover your products through search results.

Post Quality Photos

Quality over quantity is the key to Instagram success. If your photos are low quality, people will not want to like or comment on them because they look bad and feel like a waste of time. If you want more likes on Instagram, it’s important that you take high-quality photos that compliment your brand identity as well as engage with users who see them in their feed.

Avoid using filters too much–it makes it seem like all of your photos are filtered (and therefore less interesting), plus some filters don’t look great on everyone’s skin tone! Also avoid overusing one filter on every photo because this can make things look very similar across all of them–and let’s face it: no one wants another photo where everything has been turned into yellow spots or red lines!

Tag People In Your Photos

If you’re looking to get more likes on your photos, tagging people in them is a great way to do it. You can tag people who are already following you or even those who aren’t, but either way it’s likely that they’ll see the photo and like it (or at least check out what else is going on with the person who tagged them). Tags are also useful if you want to engage with your followers or connect with new fans by tagging other Instagram accounts related to yours.

Post At Peak Times

The best time to post on Instagram is when your audience is most active. The easiest way to find out when this is, is by using an app like Later or Tailwind. Both of these apps will analyze your followers’ activity and tell you when they’re most likely to see your posts.

Once you know how many people are viewing your content, it’s time to schedule them into Hoot suite! If you don’t already have an account with this tool, I highly recommend it; it makes managing multiple social media accounts much easier than doing it manually (and who wants that?).

Follow Other People

This is a simple but effective way to get more Instagram likes and followers. Follow users who are similar to you, have similar interests and post good content. They will likely follow back if they find that you’re following them because of their profile picture or bio description. If they don’t follow back, then UN follow them! Don’t worry about losing followers when this happens (because Instagram has a built-in system that automatically removes inactive accounts).

If you want to use tags, make sure that you’re tagging the right people. If you’re tagging someone who isn’t following you, there’s no guarantee that he or she will see your photo (unless they have their own account).

It’s Easy To Get Likes On Instagram If You Post Good Content

To get more Instagram likes, make sure your photos are high quality. A lot of people will see your photo before they decide whether or not to like it, so having a nice-looking image is an excellent way to get started. Make sure that everything in the picture is clear enough so that people can easily see what it is. Also, try not too much text in one shot: this can be distracting for viewers and make it more difficult for them to focus on what matters most (your product).

Hashtags are another easy way to increase engagement with other users who might have similar interests as yours; however, they must be used appropriately! The best way I’ve found is by using hashtags related directly with my posts’ theme but also including some general ones (#instagood etc.)


As you can see, it’s not that hard to get more likes on Instagram. All you have to do is post quality photos and use the right hashtags. If you follow these simple steps, then there’s no reason why your account shouldn’t grow fast!


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